Our company specialized in non-stick, anti-corrosive and dry lubrication applications. We are serving nonstick coating solutions to the market over 30 years. ÖRKONhas become the market leader by its customer's appreciation and supports within those years in the market. ÖRKON has been creating solutions to the customer's non-stick needs and our company growing day to day by following the new technologies and R&D studies.

We are providing the coatings type of P.F.A., F.E.P., P.T.F.E., E.C.T.F.E. coatings, Ceramic, Granite,
Rilsan®, anti-corrosive Powerful® coatings.

ÖRKON has reached the capacity of 1.000pcs daily tray production addition to the coating capacity of 30sqm cylinder surfaces in our 2.000sqm covered area equipped with high technology automatic washing tunnel, sand blasting and curing ovens, spray lines and highly experienced workers. We are able to do coatings on the metal sizes up to 150cm diameter,600cm length and up to 2.000kgs.

ÖRKON is created and achieved the POWERTECH® brand coating quality by integrating its capacity with usage of high quality intense moleculer raw materials.

ÖRKON in the last few years started to manufacture of bakery products addition to the coating services, such as bread and pastry trays, sandwich and hamburger pans, special baguette trays, toast molds, pizza trays and trolleys for rotary and deck type bakery ovens.

ÖRKON is proud of being first and the only company acquired ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 22000 quality certificates in the sector.

The given value to the environment and the result of seriously following the environmental legislations ,
ÖRKON commit that saving the ecological balance in the production progress and making it a company culture.