• Electric barbecue grills
  • Pan and pots
  • Toaster plates
  • Iron bottom plates
  • Cake molds


  • Dough rolling apparatus
  • Bread molds - Bread trays
  • Cake molds
  • Sugar boilers
  • Cheese making machines
  • All surfaces where non-stickiness and hygiene needed
  • Textile

  • Slash drying rollers
  • Paint drying rollers
  • Printing machine under blanket rollers
  • Jet painting machine dye becks
  • Dock rollers
  • All and any kind of surfaces which are open to corrosion
  • Chemical-Paint Industry

    • Chemical tanks, Glue tanks
    • Chemical material transmission lines
    • Internal and external surfaces of chemical transmission pipes
    • Interior surface of reactors and tanks in the paint production
    • During coating of internal and external surfaces of the valves
    • Nylon bag printing machines, ink tanks, solvent tanks, mixer tanks,
      squeegee's knives


    • Seat belt parts - Door pins
    • Clutch pedal pins
    • Air filter cases
    • Air conditioning parts
    • A.B.S. system parts
    • Interior surface of painting cabins
    • Strong strength against sun and water for the rubber of window & doors

    Paper & Package Industry

    • At roller coatings
    • Pre-heating plates
    • Sticking jaws
    • Styrofoam molds (EPS)

    Insulation & Surface Protection

    • At industrial floor applications,
    • Stilling basin, Silo constructions,
    • At roof and terrace isolation,
    • At hygienic production areas,
    • At parking lot and bridge floors,
    • At bundling and base isolation,
    • At pipe coatings,
    • At the floor of commercial vehicles


    • Ship Building : Screw, Shaft and all other parts where corrosion is lived intensively
    • Hardware :Bolt, nut and all connecting parts
    • Air Conditioning : Acid vapor ventilators
    • Weapon Industry : Missile launcher, Mandrel
    • Electronic Devices
      Photocopy machine rollers, Computer cases