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    Application surfaces vary depending on the areas of use for which they are specially designed for a specific purpose. Tempered Glass surfaces, concrete surfaces, a wide variety of metal surfaces (aluminium, chrome-stainless steel, DKP etc.) Our factory has many years of experience in these matters.


    Before the coating process, the surface must be cleaned of oil and all kinds of dirt. Among these methods, sandblasting (F46-F60 Aluminum oxide) is cleaned by applying it to the surface with 5 bar pressure or by chemical methods or heating.

    Bakery baking equipment.

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    Electric barbecue grills
    Pan and pots
    Toaster plates
    Iron bottom plates
    Cake molds


    Dough rolling apparatus
    Bread molds – Bread trays
    Cake molds
    Sugar boilers
    Cheese making machines
    All surfaces where non-stickiness and hygiene needed


    Slash drying rollers
    Paint drying rollers
    Printing machine under blanket rollers
    Jet painting machine dye becks
    Dock rollers
    All and any kind of surfaces which are open to corrosion

    Chemical and Paint Industry

    Chemical tanks, Glue tanks
    Chemical material transmission lines
    Internal and external surfaces of chemical transmission pipes
    Interior surface of reactors and tanks in the paint production
    During coating of internal and external surfaces of the valves
    Nylon bag printing machines, ink tanks, solvent tanks, mixer tanks,
    squeegee’s knives


    Seat belt parts – Door pins
    Clutch pedal pins
    Air filter cases
    Air conditioning parts
    A.B.S. system parts
    Interior surface of painting cabins
    Strong strength against sun and water for the rubber of window & doors

    Paper and Package Industry

    At roller coatings
    Pre-heating plates
    Sticking jaws
    Styrofoam molds (EPS)

    Insulation and Surface Protection

    At industrial floor applications,
    Stilling basin, Silo constructions,
    At roof and terrace isolation,
    At hygienic production areas,
    At parking lot and bridge floors,
    At bundling and base isolation,
    At pipe coatings,
    At the floor of commercial vehicles


    Ship Building : Screw, Shaft and all other parts where corrosion is lived intensively
    Hardware :Bolt, nut and all connecting parts
    Air Conditioning : Acid vapor ventilators
    Weapon Industry : Missile launcher, Mandrel
    Electronic Devices
    Photocopy machine rollers, Computer cases


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