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Low friction coefficient. Features dry lubrication on the coated surfaces. High corrosion resistance. Fluoropolymer is softer than metal coatings but it concentrate in working progress. Maintains dry lubrication even after being abraded for long term use.Powertech® coating’s performance decreases slowly in the long term usage so it doesn’t cause any kinds urgent and critical problems.

High level hardness. High durability for scratches and corrosion. Shining, colorful and attractive surfaces. Easy to clean. Fast curing. Healthy and conformity of food production. High heat durability up to +450C.

New generation non-stick surfaces. Healthy and conformity of food production. Excellent cooking. Long lasting durability and performance High level durability against corrosion.

High durability both in hot and cold air conditions (-115C to +260C ). Non-Stickness. Easy to clean. Excellent durability against most of the chemicals. High electrical insulation. Healthy and conformity of food production.


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