Powertech - Örkon Kimya

Developed especially for the textile industry, it has chemical and high abrasion resistance and very good non-stick properties.

  • Hygienic surfaces suitable for food
  • Fireproof, non-stick, water-repellent, oil-repellent surfaces
  • Withstand temperatures of – 270 ˚C and + 300 ˚C
  • Can be used 2,500 – 7,500 times (Powertech1: 2500, Powertech2: 5000, Powertech3: 7500)
  • Low coefficient of friction (0.05 – 0.20)
  • High chemical resistance

Sizing Drying Drums:
It prevents the size on the yarn from sticking to the cylinder surface while it is being dried. It provides a high level of “non-stick” surface lubricity by minimizing surface friction during the processing of fabric, yarn and similar products.

Drum Drying Machine:
It prevents adhesion to the surface of the cylinders and corrosion of the cylinders.
It allows you to minimize labor loss, energy consumption and wastage due to stop-starts during operation.

MCS Dyeing Boats:
It prevents pilling and fabric breakage that may occur due to high-speed friction.
It provides easy and precise cleaning in case of color changes. In this case, your production speed and quality increases.

Dye and Finish Drying:
It prevents the chemicals used from adhering to the cylinder surface and getting dirty during the drying phase. The performance of the Powertech® coating decreases slowly and gradually over time, thus not causing immediate problems.

Flat Printing Machines:
It prevents paint from adhering to the roller surfaces.
In this way, the Under Blanket Carrier Rollers are prevented from leaving marks on the blanket during stop and start operations.

PAD-BACD Cylinders:
Provides easy cleaning in case of color changes.

Dock Cars:
Our Powertech® coatings have a very high resistance to aggressive chemicals and prevent the surfaces in contact from deforming in a short time.


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